"If wishes were fishes, then mermaids would ride."  Or, "Jacob Lundberg's Wish List."

Show of Hands - any CD
Basically I want everything they ever recorded.  So far I only have Anglicana, Country Life and their self-titled double disk.  I also have Formerly Anthrax.  The worst part is it's all at import prices...
Kronos Quartet - any CD
This group's music is lovely and lively.  I have Pieces of Africa and Caravan, and I would like their other CDs.
E.S. Posthumus - Makara CD
This is the latest from E.S. Posthumus and as usual, good stuff.
Threads of Fate (Playstation)
A classic SquareSoft game that still gets good reviews and looks fun.
Suikoden II and III (Playstation)
The Suikoden series seems to be unusually replayable, rather like the Chrono series.  I have Suikoden I, IV and V, and I still need Suikoden II and III.  I and II are not cheap.
Creature by Andrew Zuckerman is a collection of studio portraits of creatures from around the world.  It is also available at Powells.
Chimonobambusa quadrangularis "Suow"
I need some more Golden Square Stem for my bamboo screen on the East side of my yard.