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2003.02.24 - Released an updated version aiming to match GCC's C99
compliance changes.  Not much else new here though.

2002.05.20 - Updated version abstracting some linux network constants and
the sigpipe stuff (because it's not portable enough for xscorch).

2002.05.13 - Initial but unannounced public release of tcpnet was actually
with the xscorch-0.1.14 source.  It is currently linux-specific as you see
it in this directory, and needs a slight overhaul because of this.  Also,
its testing library is incomplete, as well as its error recovery code.

What is tcpnet?  It's my stab at a tcp-based packet (i.e. not stream)
transport.  It's biggest value is probably for me to futz around with
packetization, but I hope to add some spiffy error recovery to it soon.