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2003.07.05 - badram-2.4.21-ac4.patch

  Finally, 2.4.21-ac4, and another somewhat decent kernel*.  So here's
  the BadRAM port.  Some stuff moved around in linux/init/init.c and
  various parts of linux/mm/ so the patch is a bit riskier now.  ;)
  [*] Except it won't run on stepping 8 VIA C3 800 boards.  Trust me.

2002.09.07 - badram-2.4.19-ac4.patch

  This is my port of BadRAM to 2.4.19-ac4 (the last stable kernel for
  *years*, it was ...).

2002.09.07 - badram-

  This is the last release of the BadRAM patches from Rick van Rein.
  Since I prefer it to the more bloated BadMem patches, I port the
  patch to 2.4 series Linux kernels as I need it.

2001.10.25 - ide.2.4.13-p3.all.10252001.patch.bz2

  Just a symlink to the 2.4.12 patch, which applies without fuzz as-is.  :)

2001.10.12 - ide.2.4.12-p3.all.10122001.patch.bz2

  Same as it ever was.  Same as it *ever* was...
  Don't forget the parport patch if you're using the parport driver...

2001.09.25 - ide.2.4.10-p3.all.09252001.patch.bz2

  This is the patch below, updated for 2.4.10 and with some small but
  harmless typos fixes as well.

2001.09.12 - ide.2.4.9-p3.all.09122001.patch.bz2

  This file is a copy of Andre Hedrick's ide.2.4.7-p3.all.07092001.patch.bz2
  patch that has been ported to 2.4.9-linus.  I hope I've gotten it right, as
  this is my first excursion into kernel patching.  :)

  Contrary to ../README, this particular code belongs to its respective
  developers (not to me) and is licensed at their discretion (which is to
  say, with a license compatible with linux kernel inclusion, i.e. GPL).